Their ability to adapt to almost any context, their attribute of being elegant but lively at the same time, is what changed the sports shoes into an entire protagonist of manly outfits. Within this show, the shoes aren’t just fashion accessories.

The lovers of sneakers will know if we say — maybe not all shoes are the exact same. Just the actual worshipers of such footwear have the ability to recognize the trendy versions, understand which ones suit their style, and which sneakers are worth having in the wardrobe to show off in million distinct occasions, without the fear of earning mistakes.

In order to not fall to banality and constantly focus on originality and quality, The footwear is just the perfect mix of sports and luxury which will captivate you immediately.

Black Height Increasing Elevator Shoes

Although many men and women believe the shoes are casual things of clothing, this new collection by ShoesHellen alters the standards completely. If they’re not glamorous and exclusive, then forget them and do not waste your time. The actual luxury is to concentrate on a certified quality, assembled by the painstaking work of Italian artisans, who create bespoke shoes with with valuable materials. ShoesHellen elevator sneakers are not just sneakers. They’re high-design creations and an actual art form you can truly wear.

Different but beautiful, the lift sneakers of this new ShoesHellen collection can be worn with numerous formal and casual outfits. The expression of the footwear, however, is not the one thing that distinguishes them from the crowd. Recognizing almost every average man desires to be (somewhat ) taller, makes this collection far more unique than what the majority of people think. The ShoesHellen shoes will accompany you in any time of the day while giving you an extra 2.4 ( 6 cm) up to 4 inches (10 cm) in absolute comfort and discretion.

Black Elevator Sneakers Shoes

ShoesHellen elevator shoes will be your faithful companions of this season for confronting new challenges and a fantastic addition for returning into the workplace.

The only real the shoes is white created in ultra-light rubber. The ShoesHellen Black lifting shoes are ideal for both, casual and formal outfits.

Made of blue, white, and crimson full-grain leather and rubberized calfskin in a dark blue colour, these shoes are a mix of casualness and lavish.

The white sole is in ultra-light rubber. These shoes are one of the most stylish creations of ShoesHellen artisans, and also a pure result of passion and research.

The ShoesHellen sneakers are created from semi-shiny grey calfskin, black rubberized calfskin featuring a leather utilized black and effect green suede. The white striped only is made of ultra-light rubber.
The ShoesHellen Vintage sneakers are a creation with a superior layout. The footwear is ideal for countless formal and casual outfits. The ShoesHellen elevator shoes are able to boost the height of the wearer from 2.4 (6 cm) up to 4 inches (10 cm) in total comfort and style.

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