The brand-new shoes in suede are fresh and tasteful, the need to have for any ensemble. As much as 3.1 inches longer in height with shoes that are bespoke.

The brand new summer 2021 shoes by ShoesHellen, elicit fantasy beaches, vacations, comfort and the allure of this sweet life. They might not have a greater definition: the newest elevator fashions are casual elegant shoes which instantly turn into the manifestation of luxury. Personalized accessories, manufactured in Italy using valuable raw materials. The hand stitched leather slip-ons and people committed to the four components of character are a current case.

High Elevator Sneakers Shoes

In this event the Lecce-based manufacturer has selected suede as its durability: tender, elegant and at precisely the exact same time brand new. That posh touch you do not anticipate and revolutionizes your summertime appearance which makes it always trendy. ShoesHellen shoes are haute couture masterpieces, having an extra value which isn’t immaterial: the discreet growth in height, effective at shedding the figure, fostering your appeal and your self-esteem in summertime. But let us get to understand in detail those new creations.

Exactly enjoy the ShoesHellen shoes: the softness of this grey blouse as well as also the red-burgundy full-grain leather on the toe and heels allow it to be a distinctive mixture of refinement and relaxation. As much as 3.1 inches (8 cm) longer in height and also the chance to pick the leathers, the textures and the colour of the only in accordance with your wishes.

High Top Sneakers

Luxurious sportswear takes to a new contour, hot and sinuous, up the lace shoes by ShoesHellen, made from soft suede. The complete grey is ideal to wear on any event, for a distinctive outfit on holiday.

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